Wind turbine

The turbine was one of eight Nordex N80 2.5MW units, which feature 60m towers and 80m rotors.

Screggagh Windfarm director Doreen Walker was quoted as saying by The Guardian: "There were fortunately no injuries and no personnel on site at the time.

"We are currently investigating the circumstances that led to the collapse of the turbine at Screggagh wind farm."

The remaining seven turbines have been shut down and officials are working with Nordex UK to make sure the site is safe.

Nordex supplied the wind turbines, which were built in County Tyrone, from its European production facility in Rostock.

Walker said: "A further statement will be made once the investigation has been completed and the reasons for the failure confirmed."

The average wind speed at the site was 8.5 m/s and the Screggagh wind farm is capable of delivering enough energy for about 10,500 households per year.

DW Consulting developed the project through its special purpose vehicle Screggagh Windfarm.

Image: The collapsed turbine was one of eight Nordex N80 2.5MW units at the Screggagh wind farm. Photo: Courtesy of PinkBlue/