TrickleStar, a developer of energy efficiency systems, has introduced a new range of energy saving products that are designed to reduce energy consumption, save money and reduce carbon footprint at home and in the office.

The new product range includes Smart PowerTap that reduces the amount of standby power consumed by TV & PC peripherals and provides surge protection and Daily and Weekly Digital Timers that can be configured by users to optimize energy savings on plug-in appliances.

In addition, the company has introduced Temperature and Humidity Controllers that manage the operation of stand-alone air conditioners, heaters, humidifiers and de-humidifiers to deliver energy savings.

The new energy saving products from TrickleStar are expected to enable the users to cut the consumption of vampire power that accounts for 8-12% of total US household energy consumption and costs US consumers $4bn per year.

TrickleStar CEO Bernard Emby said that energy efficiency provides some of the best investment returns in the energy space and TrickleStar products typically pay for themselves in less than a year, making them an outstanding investment.

“In states where TrickleStar is working with efficiency organizations, electrical utilities and retailers, products are made available to consumers at reduced prices and the paybacks can be as short as 6 months,” Emby said.