Under the terms of the contract, Tri-Tech US will perform design, engineering, fabrication, supervision of installation, commissioning, performance testing and on-site training service.

Tri-Tech US will provide pre-concentrator Mechanical Vapor Compression (MVC) evaporator system and final MVC concentrator for the steel plant in Monterrey.

Tri-Tech US J&Y Water Division general manager Jim Schwartz said the water treatment unit that the company will provide to the steel works will use its customized, energy efficient MVC concentrator and evaporator system designs.

The concentrator unit will concentrate all of the treated water from the Reverse Osmosis units to produce pure distillate that can be reused as process water and concentrate the reject water from the unit to zero liquid discharge.

The evaporator unit will eliminate the discharge of any liquid from the steel making plant.

The complete water processing unit is expected to be delivered by early April 2013.

Tri-Tech designs customized sewage treatment and odor control systems for municipalities and private sectors in China and international markets.