Under the $1.02m contract, BSST will provide on-site analysis systems and natural gas quality analysis and monitoring equipment to two stations of CPECC’s Branch.

The equipment includes a chromatographic analyzer, a water dew point analyzer, a hydrocarbon dew point analysis analyzer, a hydrogen sulfide analyzer, a combustible gas alarm apparatus, sound and light alarms, explosion-proof axial fans, explosion-proof air conditioner and other technical equipment.

BSST will provide procurement of all equipment and components, system integration, installation, commissioning.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of October 2011.

Tri-Tech president Gavin Cheng said the project will help CPECC monitor gas conditions during the gas production process to maximize the rate of qualified products and minimize the impact of gas leak on the environment.

The project’s closed system for on-site analysis is designed for safety at the industrial site," Cheng said.