TRENDnet has launched the high performance 300Mbps Concurrent Dual-Band Wireless N Gigabit Router, model TEW-673GR. Built for extreme performance with an Atheros chipset, it delivers unsurpassed wireless speed, coverage and reliability with up to 12x the throughput and more than double the coverage of a wireless g router. Concurrent Dual-Band technology enables two wireless networks simultaneously, using both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio frequencies.

This allows users to create an advanced hybrid network in which wireless clients can be assigned to either the 2.4GHz or the 5GHz band. Most wireless networks use the 2.4GHz radio frequency, in which cordless phones, cellular phones, microwaves and Bluetooth devices also operate. The crowded nature of the 2.4GHz band can degrade your network’s wireless performance and actually interfere with and slow your transmissions. Dual-band networking allows users to connect low-bandwidth clients to the more congested 2.4GHz band and high-bandwidth, latency-sensitive applications such as streaming HD multimedia content and online game play to the uncongested 5GHz band, resulting is a seamless wireless experience.

The TRENDnet TEW-673GR employs Atheros’ XSPAN® AR9002AP platform, which consists of the AR9220 and AR9223 XSPAN dual-band radio chipset. This solution robustly supports advanced multimedia applications with reliable wireless throughput and home coverage. Atheros XSPAN dual-concurrent technology provides leading performance, supporting up to 300Mbps physical data rates and an impressive 200Mbps of actual user throughput on both uplink and downlink transmissions. The platform also features Atheros’ 680MHz AR7161 wireless network processor and Atheros’ AR8316 Gigabit Ethernet switch to support unsurpassed bandwidth to both wired and wireless clients.

Wi-Fi Certification ensures that the router has met the most rigorous wireless Draft 11N specifications, thereby providing interoperability with other wireless products and backward compatibility with legacy wireless standards.

Energy Star Certification provides a 30 percent reduction in power consumption versus the previous generation. A unique wireless on/off switch offers additional energy savings and security by turning off the wireless signal when it is not in use. Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ (WPS) integrates other WPS-supported wireless adapters at the touch of a button.

“TRENDnet has an established history of employing Atheros’ WLAN technologies to produce award-winning, high performance wireless solutions,” stated Pei Huang, president and CEO of TRENDnet. “Early tests of our new concurrent dual-band router support our goal of creating the highest performing wireless router on the market today.”

“Atheros’ AR9002AP delivers a great combination of dual-radio, 11n performance and power-savings in a highly integrated design,” said Todd Antes, vice president, computing and consumer networking for Atheros. “We are pleased that TRENDnet is leveraging our technology to bring advanced wireless multimedia networking into the home.”