The company which employed a local drilling contractor to perform the operation, spudded the Stockton #2 well.

Considered an off-set well to the company’s Mitchell #4 well, the Stockton #2 well will be drilled to the Gardner Limestone pay-zone located at an approximate depth of 4,800ft.

The Stockton #2 drill at present is at about 2,000ft and its initial production numbers and estimated production rates are expected to be similar to the Mitchell #4 well.

According to the company, the rig will immediately move over to the Stockton #3 site to begin drilling operations there, after completion of the Stockton #2 well.

Gardner Limestone is also the target pay-zone for the Stockton #3 well, which is expected to have a total depth of 4,800ft.

Treat Energy maintains its full 75% net revenue interest (NRI) and a 100% working interest (W/I) on the well. The company has drilled two new wells and worked over one existing well so far.

Treaty Energy chief executive officer Andrew Reid said the company is expected to increase revenues in a short period of time especially with oil at a high price by opting to self-fund the well.

"If the drilling is successful, the Company may choose to further develop and drill in the Tuscola area," Reid added.