Toshiba is a developer and supplier of hydro power generator technology, and has already supplied a total of 35 generators to Colombia. The new units will arrive on site at Sogamoso by January 2012. The plant will be commissioned by the end of 2013.

The company said that the Columbian power market is expected to see a 3,000MW increase in generating capacity over the next decade, driven by strong economic growth. Colombia is rich in water resources and 80% of the increased capacity, approximately 2,400MW, is expected to come from expanded use of hydro power.

In order to support execution of the Sogamoso project and to seek to secure further orders for hydro power business, TIC opened a new office in Colombia this January.

TIC was established in the US in 1967 to promote Toshiba’s power plant systems and industrial equipment business in North America. TIC is now seeking leadership in supplying equipment for the many hydro plant refurbishment projects being initiated in North America, and is also intensifying expansion into new markets, including the markets of South America.

In terms of energy strategy and achieving an optimized energy generation mix, stable output and operating costs, Toshiba recognizes hydro power generation as equal in importance to nuclear and thermal power, including geothermal energy.

Toshiba will aim to secure further contracts and to enhance its business in key markets with strong demand for hydro power systems, including North and South America, India and Southeast Asia.