Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions has secured an order to supply 6MW solar panels from Thailand’s solar power system provider Eight Solar Company.

Eight Solar will install the systems on the roofs of six stores in the “Home Pro” chain of home improvement centers, and they will start to deliver clean, low-carbon electricity in January 2018.

Home Pro is active promoting the use of solar power systems to reduce its reliance on conventional power supply sources and contribute to lower carbon emissions. Toshiba’s solar power products are recognized for their high quality and long-term reliability, factors that contributed to winning the order.

Thailand relies on fossil fuels for the majority of its electricity supply, and is promoting moves to diversify the mix by boosting solar power generation to 25% of capacity by 2021. This policy is stimulating demand for solar power systems, which Toshiba is positioned to meet.

"This order is our biggest achievements in Thailand so far," noted Mr. Noriaki Kozono, General Manager of Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation. "Toshiba is committed to supporting Thailand’s efforts to realize a low carbon society and stable power supply by providing high quality products and systems."