The Indian government intends to increase the number of 765kV substations in order to improve country’s transmission capacity five times by 2017.

In addition to constructing a new facility for large power transformers by spring 2015, the company is considering a full scale launch of new units for switchgears.

Toshiba Transmission & Distribution Systems India chairman and managing director Dr Katsutoshi Toda said: "India is a high growth market that Toshiba has positioned as a strategic base for its power-related businesses.

"In the period to FY2016, Toshiba plans to invest a cumulative 10-billion yen (approx.US$100-million) in its T&D business there, including this current round of investment."

The new power transformer line will support 765kV transformers production with a capacity of 500MVA, while complementing the existing production line of small- and medium-capacity transformers, whereas the new switchgear line will produce high voltage products.

"Toshiba is seeking to secure a 20% share of the Indian market by 2018, and also reinforce Toshiba Transmission & Distribution Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd. as a core T&D production base for other major markets, including Europe, ASEAN, and Africa."

Image: India aims to improve its transmission capacity five times by 2017. Photo: courtesy of tiverylucky/