Japanese conglomerate Toshiba has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Office Djiboutien de Développement de l'Energie Géothermique (ODDEG) to work on some 50MW of geothermal energy projects in Djibouti.

ODDEG is the government organization responsible for developing Djibouti's geothermal power capabilities under the country's plan to promote renewable resources.

Under the terms of MoU, Toshiba will help ODDEG in the areas of guidelines formulation for power plant operation and management, development and supply of geothermal generation systems, and personnel training to operate the geothermal power plants.

The partnership will see development of geothermal power stations with a base capacity of about 50MW.

Djibouti currently has 120MW of installed generation capacity, most of which is thermal power and is supplemented with power imports from Ethiopia.

Toshiba, till date, has delivered 53 geothermal turbines with a combined capacity of 3,400MW to project in the US, the Philippines, Iceland among other countries, representing 23% share of the global geothermal market.

In Africa, the company delivered four units to Kenya and is also signed a MoU in Tanzania.

Signed with Tanzania Geothermal Development Company in December 2015, the MoU is intended for comprehensive collaboration in the geothermal power generation business.

Image: Officials from Toshiba and ODDEG during MoU signing ceremony. Photo: courtesy of Toshiba Corporation.