Toshiba Corp and heavy machinery maker IHI Corp said that they have formed a joint venture (JV) to build steam turbine parts for nuclear power plants for the domestic and overseas markets.

The JV will enable Toshiba to enhance its turbine manufacturing capacity and strengthen its nuclear power plant business supply chain while it will help IHI in extending its operations to major components of turbines, alongside the manufacture of nuclear reactor pressure vessels and containment vessels.

The new company, Toshiba IHI Power Systems Corp, is located in a 30,000sq m facility within IHI’s headquarters representative’s office, Yokohama District, in Yokohama.

The operations will focus on the manufacture of casings and nozzles, major components of steam turbines for both boiling-water reactors and pressurized-water reactors.

IHI is a shareholder in Westinghouse Electric Company, which is majority owned by Toshiba.