The company has submitted a draft public environmental review (PER) with the Western Australian Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).

The effects of the planned extension of the project will be examined via the development of the Millipede and Lake Maitlands deposits.

The PER is due to be released later this year for a three-month public review.

Toro has an agreement with the Wiluna people to offer training and employment with the Native Title holders of land on which the Centipede, Millipede and Lake Way deposits are situated.

The deal requires Toro to provide funding and other resources for allowing local Aboriginal people, either as employees or via their own business ventures, to build capacity in environmental monitoring needed by the project, including radiation and groundwater.

Toro Energy managing director Vanessa Guthrie said: "We are also exploring possibilities for their involvement in land management and site rehabilitation.

"These programs are designed to help the local community understand how the Wiluna Project is being undertaken without adverse impacts to public health, safety and the environment."