Topaz Resources has completed the final phase of a consolidation into the company of a North Texas shallow oil project by acquiring a lease for 543.69 acres with a history of proved producing oil wells, located in Wichita County.

An analysis of logs indicates that the lease and acreage contains at least three productive Cisco Sand horizons at depths of 500ft, 1,300ft and 1,700ft, with the majority of historical production coming from the shallower zone.

Topaz also anticipates that further exploration will reveal considerable deeper zone potential.

The company initially will complete work overs on the existing producing wells, and then commence drilling the estimated 12 potential off set well locations, all located in the Cisco Sand Formation.

Topaz will also commence the engineering work and potentially seismic work to develop a program of drilling new wells, recompleting existing wellbores and deepening existing wellbores to test the productive potential of other known productive horizons and to exploit the deeper formations.

Topaz is an oil and gas company focusing on production, acquisitions and developmental drilling opportunities within proven producing areas of north, central and west Texas.