Thresher Industries has initiated plans for the development of a hybrid metal matrix composite (MMC) for automotive supplier in Detroit, US.

The plans are pursuant to the mutual nondisclosure agreements signed with automotive supplier.

The two companies have entered into discussions to create a potentially patentable hybrid MMC based on Thresher’s unique ThermaLite MMC platform technology.

MMCs are used in a variety of parts in the automotive industry.

Thresher CEO Tom Flessner said by intricately modifying the alloy material, automotive customers can achieve the exact requirements of its pistons, as can be done with other applications.

"Thresher sees this first alliance as so significant that it could potentially redefine the manufacture and material used to make pistons," Flessner said.

US based Thresher operates an ISO 9000-compliant, green foundry that integrates bio-degradable technologies and processes to lower the economic and environmental costs of production.