A $110 million investment programme to modernise Nornickel’s Ust-Khantaiskay hydroelectric power plant has taken another step forward with the third state-of-the art replacement turbine having been placed online at the end of August.

The new turbines will boost output from the plant by 10% and help prolong the commercial life of the hydroelectric plant.

Ust-Khantaiskay was the first of Nornickel’s hydroelectric power plants in the Taymyr Peninsula, built to supply power to the company’s mining and metallurgical operation in Norilsk, as well as to the Dudinsky and Igarsky industrial areas.

In 2012, Nornickel’s management decided to modernise its Ust-Khantaiskay facilities, replacing units that had been generating power  for over forty years with more efficient, state-of-the-art technology. In November 2015 and November 2016, the company replaced the first two hydroelectric turbines.

By 2021, Nornickel intends to have replaced all of the hydroelectric units at its Ust-Khantaiskay hydroelectric power plant. The new turbines increase the plant’s capacity to 502MW, with a maximum annual output of 2.4 billion kW h. The investment in the power plant will prolong the Ust-Khantaiskay hydroelectric power plant’s life and increase its output capacity by some 50MW.