Thenergo is developing a 5 MW electricity and biocoal plant in northern Holland that will annually generate up to 42800 MWh of power and 75000 tonnes of biocoal pellets from thermally processed wood debris, forest residue and chippings.

Located on the Dutch-German border near Coevorden, and in partnership with Eclair-E and Venture Kapitaalfonds III, the plant’s construction is due to begin in April 2008.

The development will require €30 million with Thenergo holding a majority interest, but the biocoal pellets will supply Dutch and German coal-fired power stations for co-firing of biomass with virtually no additional investment.

Primary fuel will come from regionally sourced forest debris and pruned wood from public land, estimated at 225 000/t per year.

The announcement comes as Thenergo begins work on a 3.2 MW CHP project in Belgium’s West Flanders that will generate power from animal manure and food processing waste.

Construction will begin in October 2007 and the plant is expected to be operational within 15 months at a cost of €20 million. The project will be operational for up to 8,000 hours per year, generating 24 000 MWh.