Acciona Windpower, a member of the Nordex Group will be showcasing its new AW125/3000 wind turbine at India’s leading wind fair, Windergy, which is being held in New Delhi from 25 to 27 April 2017.

Based on proven concepts and with a rated capacity of 3 MW, the AW125/3000 is the most efficient turbine for the Indian market to date and offers a combination of scale and performance to maximise profitability.

With a rotor diameter of 125 meters and a hub height of 120 meters on a concrete tower, the AW125/3000 suits for wind sites with harshest wind conditions as well as for light-wind sites.

“Our proven technology and commitment to monitoring and improving our products will provide power generation asset that exceeds expectations, particularly in the key areas of availability and production”, says Prashanth Vittal, Head of region India of the manufacturer.

As a developer and manufacturer of wind turbines, the company offers high-efficiency wind turbines for onshore use. In addition to the overall technical design of turbines, the manufacturer is well experienced in developing concrete towers, rotor blades as well as electrical and control technology for wind turbines.

At its already operating plant in Chennai, the company manufactures its AW 125/3000 turbine and has a concrete tower manufacturing facility in Bijapur, Karnataka. Both, production and products are certified for the Indian market.

Acciona Windpower is part of the Nordex Group. Nordex and Acciona Windpower merged its businesses in April 2016, forming the Nordex Group.