It is first time the Company invests in offshore wind farm.

Wind electricity that is one of the most popular of renewable energy is growing field of worldwide and spread rapidly. Recently, offshore wind farm is fast-growing market for electricity, as well as onshore wind farm. In Europe, there is the offshore wind farm, it is expected to build and operate in the years ahead. In Japan, although offshore wind farm for commercial purpose does not exist at this moment, it is expected to spread rapidly because there are demonstrated projects of 20 thousand kW which is scheduled for starting operation by 2020 and the under planning projects of 1,200 thousand kW. The Company will acquire skills for contribution of investing infrastructure through foreign investment of offshore wind farm.

From 2013, The Company continuously and actively enhanced its investments in growth areas such as infrastructure sectors. Throughout this endeavor our investment amount in infrastructure area has steadily increased over a few years. The investment amount in growth areas such as infrastructure and project finance in FY2016 has exceeded JPY 100
billion. The Company endeavors to become a more sophisticated institutional investor and to diversify its investment approach going forward. As an institutional investor, we will proactively pursue better investment yield that enhances our corporate value.