By then, all the generating units of the project had been put into operation, and the project had shifted from the construction phase to the power generation and operation phase.

Situated on the R. Guarani River in Amap¨¢ in the north of Brazil, the Cachoeira Caldeirao Hydropower Station has a total installed capacity of 219 MW, with an average annual power output of about 1.136 TWh and a franchise period of 35 years including the construction period.

After defining the strategic cooperation plan in the Brazilian market in 2012, both CTG and EDP started the cooperation successively in such projects as the Jari Hydropower Station (total installed capacity: 373 MW) and the Cachoeira Caldeirao Hydropower Station (total installed capacity: 219 MW) in Brazil. The fact that the two hydropower stations went into operation ahead of schedule has alleviated the power shortage in Brazil to some extent, and thus won favorable comments from the Brazilian government and market.

Over a period of less than 3 years since the JV establishment in October 2013, CTG has invested in 7 hydropower projects and 11 wind power projects. Its total installed capacity reached 6000 MW, making it the second largest private power generation enterprise in Brazil.