The single-chip CC1190 integrates a power amplifier (PA), a low-noise amplifier (LNA), switches and RF matching, which eliminates expensive discrete components, simplifies design layout, reduces test time, improves RF performance and shrinks overall board space, the company said.

The company added that CC1190 works seamlessly with its CC1101 sub-1 GHz transceiver and the CC430 or CC1110 systems-on-chip. The CC1190+CC1101 system can provide up to +149 dB link budget.

According to TI, customers who need to extend the range of their existing industrial sensors or utility energy meters, will be able to eliminate repeaters or routers, reducing overall system costs.

In addition, the RF range extender increases link budget by providing a power amplifier for increased output power, and an LNA with low noise figure for improved receiver sensitivity. It provides up to 27dBm (0.5W) output power and also leads to 6dB sensitivity improvement with CC11xx and CC430.