The system will be used for pumping water in an agricultural project as emergency backup power.

IdeemaSun energy is engineering and building the 3.3MW solar power plant and the storage system

For this project, Tesvolt will use prismatic battery cells which enable high charging speeds through their specific design and chemical composition.

An intelligent control unit embedded in the system will ensure that each and every cell is charged and discharged uniformly for extended service life.

Tesvolt Engineering Director Simon Schandert said: "In Rwanda, the power supply fails three or four times a day for between 5 and 45 minutes.

"For this reason, an important criterion in the call for tender was that the storage system is able to absorb electricity from the 3.3 MW PV power plant and release it again as quickly as possible.

"Only very powerful off-grid storage systems can supply the necessary emergency power several times per day, and there are only a few storage systems on the market which meet these requirements.

"A further selection criterion was the necessity for the entire storage solution to be as reasonably priced as possible."

Tesvolt will supply 134 fully assembled lithium storage systems which will power 44 water pumps for an irrigation project. T

The project is poised to improve the lives of at least 2000 farmers, currently living in extreme poverty.

Tesvolt’s battery system is offered in six different categories ranging from 10 – 60kWh. These battery systems can be flexibly combined depending on a client’s requirement and usage.

The size of the storage can be increased for industrial purposes for up to 1MWh, which the company will deliver in a container.

Image: Tesvolt to supply 2.68MW of energy storage system in Rwanda. Photo: Courtesy of Tesvolt.