Transeuro Energy said that the operations have begun for 'Test 2' of the four test program to fully appraise the 400m of reservoir drilled in the Karl-101 well in Ukraine.

The company said that this second test will assess the C14 interval, with 40m of perforations over the interval from 3,333m to 3,396m, representing around 20% of the reservoir thickness.

This interval is known to contain numerous ‘reservoir sections’ and ‘fracture zones’ and is therefore expected to flow strongly after perforating, similar to Test 1.

Hence, the company is not planning to acidize during the testing phase, but will defer the acidizing until the well is put on production.

After completing ‘Test 1’, extended operations were required to recover the packer and perforating guns from the wellbore, however, this was finally achieved and established that all the guns fired as planned.

In order to proceed with ‘Test 2’, the perforation intervals of ‘Test 1’ have been temporarily suspended below a drillable bridge plug so that the interval can be accessed later for production.

The down hole pressure confirmed that a stable flow was achieved during ‘Test 1’ of 0.5mmcf/d equivalent to 108boepd with condensate.