The Roadster travels more than 200 miles per charge in mixed driving conditions, consumes no petroleum and plugs into conventional 220-volt sockets throughout Europe. It can be fully or partially recharged by solar or wind power, the company said.

The Roadster starts at GBP86,950 and costs about 1.5p per mile. The company added that Roadster drivers do not have to pay the London congestion charge, saving up to nearly GBP1,700 annually. They can park for free and without time limits in various London boroughs, they get four hours of free charging at certain parking sites, and they are exempt from the forthcoming Showroom Tax of GBP950.

Cristiano Carlutti, vice president of sales and operations in Europe at Tesla, said: “The right-hand-drive model is our response to growing demand from high-performance car buyers in the UK who are also interested in their impact on the environment. Tesla is dramatically expanding its retail footprint in Europe, we look forward to building our community of owners and fans throughout the continent.”