As of 28 January 2014, the transmission system operators (TSO's) TenneT and Amprion will increase the intraday capacity on the German-Dutch border.

Thanks to better information provision about the grid situation in both countries, an additional 100 megawatts (MW) per hour can initially become available to the intraday market. This increases the maximum transmission capacity to be distributed by 100 MW in both directions (export and import).

Working together in the Security Service Centre (SSC), the two TSOs have therefore developed a procedure that uses short-term forecasts of the grid situation to make more capacity available to the intraday market. The calculations of the potential additional intraday capacity are performed prospectively at the SSC for each hour of the day. The additional capacity is then distributed among the TSOs in the different countries.

Depending on the outcome of these security calculations, a decision can be made on an hourly basis to increase the intraday capacity by 100 MW. This success in freeing up additional intraday capacity demonstrates that the close collaboration between the TSOs participating in the SSC not only improves system security. The potential increase in cross-border transmission capacity also contributes to the realization of the integrated European electricity market that is such an important aim of the European Commission.