The application, integrated by Capgemini and deployed in July 2011, will also be rolled out in the US, Malaysia, and Brazil.

Technip said Flexi France, based in Trait in Normandy, France, produces technically advanced pipes used to extract oil and gas.

Flexi France CEO Jean-Francois Niel said the company’s goal was to optimise the production of flexible pipes throughout the manufacturing process, including routing to end users.

"IFS Applications will enable us to meet our operational requirements and to support the expansion of our operations worldwide by making our business processes more efficient. It provides corporate-wide data access and will enhance our customer services," added Niel.

The company expects that the new application will cover all the aspects of its business and help it meet production management objectives for all its manufacturing sites and the growing demand for routing to end users.

Technip will deploy IFS Applications at all its pipe factories and at Duco in Newcastle, a site producing umbilicals, assemblies of steel, hydraulic tubes, electrical cables, and fibre optics used to inspect undersea facilities.

The implementation at Flexi France includes IFS components for manufacturing, production, projects, and finances.