The company performed the isolation operations in the water at a depth of 370ft against 870psig for the safety and effectiveness of the tie-in of a piggable wye to the Mississippi Canyon Gas Pipeline, that connects the hub facility West Delta 143 platform with the Venice Gas Plant in Louisiana, US.

TDW project manager Bjørn-Olav Gilje said the company worked with its client to evaluate and reduce any risks associated with the work.

"This thorough up-front planning resulted in a successful tie-in operation for our client. Working together achieved a result that we are proud to have been part of," Gilje added.

TDW used two remote-controlled 30-inch SmartPlug dual module pressure isolation tools, comprising ot two plug and two pigging modules to perform the isolation work on 45miles of pipeline.

The company employed one of the two tools to double block isolation on the high pressure side of the tie-in while the first module on the second tool was used to provide a hydraulic locked barrier of the high pressure side for the divers installing the wye.

The second module on the second tool was employed to perform a leak test to verify the integrity of the new wye after installation.