Construction of the 12.75MW Taylor hydroelectric plant, being jointly developed by Canadian Hydro Developers Incorporated and EPCOR Power Development Corpor- ation, is proceeding on schedule and should be operational by May 2000.

The plant, located near the Jensen reservoir in southern Alberta, Canada, includes a 3.8m diameter penstock pipe, a concrete intake from the exit canal from the Jensen reservoir and a power house. Canadian Hydro has constructed a 69kV transmission line to take the power to the nearest substation 10km away.

The hydro power plant is being built on an existing irrigation canal, so the impact on surrounding landowners and the environment will be minimal.

The plant will operate during the irrigation season, generally when flow exists from May to October each year. The hydro plant will offset 40,000t of CO2 per year that would otherwise be generated by Alberta’s predominantly coal-fired electrical plants.