Drilling at the project is scheduled to commence in the second quarter 2012.

In the exploration work, two +30 ppb soil anomalies with up to 1 grams per tonne (g/t) gold in soils on a broad 800 x 100m reconnaissance grid were defined.

Southern anomaly has been extended 8km long at widths of between 400 to 1400m and Northern anomaly 9km long by 400 – 1600m wide.

The company has completed 200 x 50m infill soil sampling on Southern anomaly and is underway over the Northern anomaly.

Trenching has commenced at the Southern anomaly with 400m completed.

Results have been received from the 800 x 100m soil sampling programme over the Sinoe Gold Project area and an additional 300 soil sample results submitted in late December 2011 were received completing all outstanding samples on the 800 x 100m sampling grid.