Under this project, Capstone will provide a series hybrid drive systems, including drive motor, inverter system, and vehicle power interface module, in addition to a natural gas 65kW microturbine for the transit bus application.

The Capstone electric drive system, which has been designed to suit a range of EV applications from passenger cars to Class 8 trucks, delivery vehicles, busses, and construction equipment and marine applications, is claimed to provide efficiency with alternative fuels while maintaining low emissions.

The Capstone drive system, that includes inverters and traction motors, is expected help vehicle, equipment manufacturers and boat builders to integrate Capstone C30 and C65 microturbines into a series hybrid EV or vessel.

Capstone president and CEO Darren Jamison said that a successful demonstration of the Capstone drive solution in this transit application can have an immediate impact, because the bus manufacturer also is the bus operator.

“This latest project will build on our recent success with other hybrid EVs and vessels,” Jamison said.