Target, a discount store retailer, has agreed to purchase 100MW of energy generated from the 474MW Solomon Forks wind farm of Infinity Renewables in Kansas, US.

The energy purchased by Target will be used to power its 150 stores across the US.

The Solomon Forks wind farm, which is situated in the proximity of city of Colby in northwestern Kansas, covers an area of 50,000 acres.

The construction of the project will begin in early 2018 and the facility is expected to start its commercial operations in the fourth quarter of 2018.

The overall project will provide between 250 and 300 construction jobs and 15 to 20 permanent employment opportunities.  The farm will generate sufficient power to meet the demands of 265,000 households. The deal marks the second project for Target with Solomon Forks.

Infinity Renewables vice president of origination and finance Matt Langley said: “We are excited  to work with Target  on  the Solomon Forks  project. 

“Target has shown great leadership in driving the development of low-cost, clean energy development in the United States, and Infinity is pleased to be participating in that mission.”

The Solomon  Forks  Wind  Project  will  be  the  fourth  project  that  Infinity  has  developed  and  advanced  to  completion in Kansas. 

It is also one of several wind projects proposed to be constructed in Kansas in 2018, which is currently ranked fifth in the nation for installed wind capacity. The continued  growth of wind energy in Kansas has resulted in one of the lowest-cost sources of energy in the US, the company said.