The multi-billion dollar project forms part of the country’s strategy to become a major gas exporter to the neighboring East African countries and energy-starved Asia, Zegabi reports.

Tanzanian Energy and Minerals deputy minister George Simbachawene was quoted by the news agency as saying that the country is considering construction of one industrial area, similar to the one found in in Qatar, featuring LNG plants and petrochemical industries.

BG Tanzania country manager Adam Prince said the project planning will take up four years and the cost is yet to be determined.

”Asia will continue to be a high value market. Tanzania is geographically located towards Asia. East Africa has very good location for LNG exports,” Prince added.

Apart from identifying a potential site for the first plant in Lindi, Tanzania, the partners have also completed a viability assessment, and handed over the details to the government for action.

The construction is expected to commence in 2016, for planned completion by 2020.