The meter is designed to allow utilities to use for real-time interval meter reading, outage or restoral notification, voltage data, tamper detection and remote disconnect or reconnect functionality for residential electric customers.

The new meter will be able to receive TUNup, which will allow to implement reading support functionality for Itron electric, water, and gas ERT modules, and supports for seamless integration between TUNet endpoints, servers, and existing billing systems.

CENTRON II will also allow utilities to support for advanced programs such as distributed and co-generation applications and dynamic pricing schedules.

Tantalus chief marketing officer Tammy Zucco said that the delivery of Itron-Tantalus CENTRON II meter is a significant milestone in the joint partnership.

"The tremendous level of market demand that we’ve already seen for this product is another clear indicator of the validity of the partnership and of our collaborative offering for public power," Zucco added.