Various utilities within TVA have selected the Tantalus Utility Network Tantalus (TUNet), a hybrid 200 MHz/900 MHz wireless that can simultaneously use (FTTH)/Ethernet to form a single AMI communications platform.

Utilities like Chattanooga EPB, Bristol Virginia Utilities, Johnson City Power Board, Jackson Energy Authority, Lenoir City Utilities Board, Morristown Utility Systems, Pulaski Electric System, Newport Utilities, and Appalachian Electric Cooperative have utilized TUNet AMI.

These utilities utilize both Itron and GE smart meters.

Tantalus said these utilities also boast full-scale two-way smart metering platforms that support interval and on-demand meter reads, remote disconnect/reconnect services, instantaneous outage reporting, and over-the-air firmware upgrades.

According to a survey conducted by Tantalus has revealed that 41% of respondents named the "need to show value from smart grid investments" as the number one issue in 2014.

Tantalus said that utility executive respondents also indicated that Add-On Applications would be the key investment priority for utilities as attention shifted from basic deployments to the addition of focused niche applications to further leverage investments in AMI and to demonstrate more value to customers.

Tantalus has developed closed loop voltage reduction (CLVR), a real-time demand response application.

This application allows near instantaneous control of voltage which has resulted in reported voltage reduction levels of up to 4% with no impact in member power quality.

Tantalus chief marketing officer Tammy Zucco said, "Municipal and cooperative utilities in the Tennessee Valley share a unique set of operational advantages and challenges.

"We’ve been grateful for the opportunity to work closely with these utilities in helping them conceptualize and implement their smart grid strategies from the ground up."