Four of the units are at HL Culbreath Bayside Power Station in Tampa and one unit is at Big Bend Power Station in Apollo Beach.

The five new peaking units each utilize a derivative of Pratt and Whitney’s JT8D jet aircraft engine and are part of a generation project that will provide power to approximately 65,000 homes. The just-completed Bayside Units 3 and 4 join Bayside Units 5, 6, completed in April 2009, said the company.

The remaining unit at Big Bend Power Station, Unit 4, is a simple-cycle dual-fuel (natural gas and ultra-low sulfur fuel oil) peaking unit. All five new peaking units are now in commercial operation.

Gordon Gillette, president of Tampa Electric, said: “These five new peaking units are consistent with our commitment to providing reliable energy in an environmentally responsible and cost-effective manner.”

In addition to installing the new peaking units, the company is also installing the last of its selective catalytic reduction (SCR) equipment at Big Bend Power Station to further reduce the plant’s emission levels.