Florida-based utility Tampa Electric, subsidiary of TECO Energy, is planning to develop 25MW solar power plant in the Tampa Bay area.

Located on 125 acres of the Utility’s Big Bend power station in Apollo Beach, the power plant will comprise more than 70,000 solar panels to power over 3,500 homes.

The power plant is the company’s second large-scale solar project scheduled to be commissioned in 2016. It is expected to further reduce Tampa Electric’s overall carbon dioxide emissions.

Tampa Electric and Peoples Gas president Gordon Gillette said: "We’re pleased to be able to demonstrate our commitment to providing our customers with more renewable energy by taking advantage of declining solar system prices and the land we own at Big Bend.

"This large-scale facility will benefit our more than 700,000 customers and showcase how a diversified mix of energy resources delivers affordable and reliable energy to meet Florida’s electricity needs now and in the future."

Separately, Tampa Electric is developing a 2MW solar project at Tampa International Airport.

Planned to be commissioned by the end of the year, this solar facility is expected to generated electricity required to power up to 250 homes.

The solar power developments are part of the company’s Renewable Energy program.