The delay was announced in a report released during the 19th Tala hydroelectric project authority meeting in Thimphu, on 26 June. The first turbine generator unit could be ready for commissioning by December 2005, and all six units by the following March.The new commissioning schedule takes into consideration work on the headrace tunnel in the critical reach between Kalikhola and Mirchingchu, excavation and concreting of surge shaft and pressure shafts in the middle reach scheduled for completion in October 2005.Most electrical works are to be completed by early next year and the construction of two 400kV transmission lines to the Indo-Bhutan border is progressing including tower erection and stringing of transmission lines.The civil works, diversion tunnel, dam excavation, intake excavation, headrace tunnel excavation, and desilting chambers have been completed while work on dam and intake concreting continue.The Tala project on the Wangchu river in south-central Bhutan involves the construction of a 92m high dam and a 23km long tunnel to feed 6 x 170MW turbines. A large proportion of the power generated is expected to be purchased by India.Nearly 60% of the funding required for the project is being provided by India, while the remainder has been extended as a loan to Bhutan.