Tajikistan, as part of a project linking central Asian nation to Pakistan and Afghanistan, is in favor of creating a power transmission connection to India. Tajikistan, which has copious electric power, is building high-power electricity transmission lines to Pakistan and Afghanistan, with the financial backing of the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank. Saidbeg Saidov, Tajikistan ambassador to India stated that their future policy is to make a connection to India.

Saidov added that cooperation in power between Tajikistan and India is a major issue.

He asserted “Tajikistan has abundant potentials of electric power and is therefore interested in providing some of its electric power surplus to brotherly country of India.”

He affirmed that India&aposs MMTC has a plan for establishing a joint venture in gold mining in Tajikistan and for exploration of gold deposits.

It was also mentioned at the meeting of the India-Tajikistan Joint Commission, that there is a plan by the State Trading Corporation to establish a steel plant in the central Asian region.

He further stated that there are good prospects for Indian firms and Tajikistan firms to establish joint ventures in agro-processing, processing of wool, silk cotton and leather.