Junior resources company TAD Mineral Exploration has completed acquisition of the Drowning River hydrothermal graphite prospect located near the company’s Constance Lake hydrothermal graphite prospect.

TAD director James Nelson that said the new prospect will compliment the Constance Lake property, which borders Zenyatta Ventures’ hydrothermal graphite discovery.

"When you couple this exciting new prospect with the recently announced 11,000 acres bordering NexGen in the Athabasca Basin, it is clear that management is working to build the assets of the company, at a time when we feel the venture market has become significantly more buoyant," Nelson said.

The company last week acquired approximately 4,500ha in the Athabasca Basin, prospective for uranium.

TAD has also added three further prospects, including one in the Athabasca Basin in Saskatchewan that is close to the Alpha/Fission Patterson Lake South discovery, the Iskut copper-gold prospect near Colorado Resource’s North Rok discovery in British Columbia, and a hydrothermal graphite prospect bordering Zenyatta Ventures.