Table 2: Design input of the Coanda effect screen

This file was created by Coanda-Effect Screen Analysis Software Version 0.43 – May 5, 2003

Curved Screen True
Structure Units 0-English (cfs, ft) 1-Metric (m^3/s, m) 1
Screen Units 0-English (inches) 1-Metric (millimeters) 1
Structure width (crest length perpendicular to flow), m 4
Ogee Crest True
Accelerator plate vertical drop, m 0,05
Top-of-screen inclination, degrees 40
Arc length of screen, degrees 26
Screen radius of curvature, m 1,555
Screen length in flow direction, m 0,706
Screen slot width, mm 0,5
Screen wire width, mm 1,524
Screen wire tilt angle (phi), degrees 5
Unit inflow to screen, m^3/s 1,806
P-height of weir relative to approach channel invert, m 0,61
Fixed discharge coefficient (for non-ogee crest), m^0.5/s 1,711