Table 2: Maguga dam main features

Source: Swaziland Komati Project Enterprise

Gross storage capacity 332Mm3
Net storage capacity 302Mm3
Full supply level (FSL) 626m
Water surface area at FSL 1042ha
Lowest drawdown level 526m
Non-overspill crest level 634.3m
Maximum height of dam wall above lowest founding level 115m
Total length of dam wall 870m
Nominal rated total capacity of outlet works 50m3/sec
Gross catchment area 6471km2
Gross natural mean annual run-off 797Mm3
Gross afforested mean annual run-off 720Mm3
Mean annual precipitation 950mm
Incoming regional maximum flood peak 7800m3/sec
Incoming probable maximum flood peak 15,000m3/sec