Table 1: Project contracts

Lot No. Description of the Works Contractor
Consultant Final Design Engineering and Construction Management Montgomery Watson Harza (MWH) with Energoprojekt (Serbia)
Initial Design Advanced Feasibility Studies, initial dam design layouts and civil works arrangements Howard Humphreys & Partners; Coyne et Bellier; Rust, Kennedy & Donkin
Lot 1A Advance Infrastructure Works – Site Access Road Berta Construction (Ethiopia)
Lot 1B/2/3 Major Civil Works (including camp, dam, powerhouse, tunnels & offices) CWGS Joint Venture (China & Ethiopia); Primary Civil Contractor SINOHYDRO – CWHEC of China; Dam Contractor – CGGC of China
Lot 4/5 Powerhouse Mechanical Equipment Powerhouse Electrical Equipment China Wanbao Engineering Corporation – CWBEC of China
Lot 6 Substation Plant and Civil Works JPPC & CCC (China)
Lot 7 Overhead Transmission Lines JPPC (China)