Seven rural hydroelectric power schemes commissioned in Solomon Islands

The Vavanga scheme has recently been physically transposed to another river, as an indirect result of foreign company logging damage to catchments. New power output is upgraded to 10kW. The initiative and design was locally driven. The new turbine (Pelton) has been supported through APACE VFEG and Pelena Pty, with all other costs and effort provided by Vavanga residents. At the time of writing, intitial testing confirms a 10kW output.
Ghatere scheme is not operating as a result of local social divisions possibly arising from logging interests.

Year Village Population Donor Turbine Typical generation
1983 Iriri 200 UNIDO Peltone Wheel 4kW
1991 Vavanga 300 AusAID Crossflow 5kW
1993 Ghatere 350 ADRA Crossflow 5kW
1997 Manawai 600 EZE Pelton 15kW
1999 Bulelavata 300 + 650 IGP Crossflow 14kW
2002 Raeao 500 IGP Pelton 30kW
2003 Nariaoa 450 IGP, SIG Pelton 30kW