Table 1. Clay minerals in soil samples of Gadra Road Sub-Branch RD 39.50 to 60

Paly. : Palygorskite, Mont.: Montmorillonite

Location of Sample Major Minor Small amount Trace Minute Trace
1 2 3 4 5 6
RD 42.5 Dolomite Quartz Gypsum, Calcite, Kaolinite.
RD 56 Kaolinite Quartz, Feldspar. Hezzmite Illite.
RD 39.50 Quartz Kaolinite Feldspar, Illite.
RD 50.30 Calcite
RD 46 Quartz Kaolinite Feld-spar (Microcline) Feldspar (Plagioclase) Illite
RD 40 Quartz Paly, Kaolinite Calcite , Illite,
RD 41 Quartz Calcite Dolomite Gypsum, Kaolinite Illite, Paly.
RD 42 Dolomite Kaolinite, Mont. Palygorskite Calcite, Feld-spar
RD 43 Dolomite Illite, Mont.
RD 44 (White) Quartz Kaolinite Paly Illite Mont.
RD 44 (Yellow) Quartz Dolomite Illite, Paly, Mont.
RD 45 Quartz Paly, Illite Mont.
RD 46 Quartz Dolomite, Kao-linite Illite
RD 47 Quartz Illite Feldspar, Calcite Gypsum
RD 48 Dolomite Quartz Illite Calcite, Paly, Mont.
RD 49 Quartz Magnesite, Paly, Feldspar, Kaolinite, Illite, Mont.