The new T3 Series ESVs will be deployed to several locations in 14 states, primarily for security patrols at retail shopping malls in the Southeast and Midwest regions of the US.

According to ERMC, the primary benefit of T3 Series is to reduce fuel costs for security patrols. With each T3 Series deployed, the company can retire an expensive-to-operate gasoline powered automobile.

T3 Motion claims that in addition to cost savings, the electric T3 Series delivers reductions in carbon footprint through its energy-efficient design compared to a traditional fossil-fuelled vehicles. It estimates that it will also save $3.2m over three years by replacing dozens of gasoline-powered vehicles.

Rodney Jackson, vice president of security for ERMC, said: “The first and most obvious advantage is the savings in fuel. Secondly, the T3 Series can get into places that a patrol car cannot. It is a far more flexible vehicle for getting around crowded parking lots and for patrolling areas where the driver of a patrol car would have to exit the car.

“In addition, the operator of the T3 Series is higher up than a seated driver, which puts him or her in a much better position to see what is going on. Our security force also reports that 99% of the pedestrians notice an officer on the T3 Series. Plus, our response time to an incident is much faster.”

Ki Nam, CEO of T3 Motion, said: “Based on our strong success with the T3 Series in law enforcement agencies, the private security market has become a rapidly growing segment of our customer base. Our relationship with ERMC exemplifies the valued partnerships we have established as a provider of innovative clean-energy vehicles that meet the needs of a wide range of security applications.”