Syndication is planning to take full advantage the government financing presently being offered under the Obama administration.

To that effort the Sorrentino, chief executive officer (CEO) of Syndication, has worked through the Pickens Energy Program to place Syndication for a massive new technological revolution and to equip it with a political presence he believes will play a vital role in the application process related to this type of funding. If the company is going to avail itself of these opportunities, specifically in the arena of government funding, it will need the ‘political cache’ to do it, said Sorrentino.

It’s time to make it official. Over the next couple of weeks I will be asking the BOD to authorize me to take the necessary actions to staff and propose the budget requirements for the new division. We now need professionals in the fields of alternative energy engineering and government finance, and it’s time to hire them, said Sorrentino, the CEO of Syndication.

I am extremely excited by the direction the company is heading although, there is much more work in front of us then behind us. The peaces of the puzzle are coming together. I have taken steps to capitalize the company in a competitive format by completing the 300 hundred million share rescission on February 27th. 2009. I may contemplate asking the BOD to consider additional rescissions in the future. We have the industry, politics, and projects and are taking the proper steps to staff and finance Pinnacle Energy. It’s a fantastic new addition to the company and I believe our shareholders will be rewarded greatly for their support. This is still only the beginning, said Sorrentino.