Symbion Power chief executive officer Paul Hinks told The Guardian in an interview that the company, in partnership with the Tanzania Electric Supply Company (Tanesco), is investing in a 600km, 400kV transmission line.

Upon completion, the project will offer power to the entire southern region.

Hinks said: "Feasibility studies have been completed and we are now moving to the next stages of project development.

Symbion has already completed projects for the Millennium Challenge (MCC), which invested approximately $800m in Tanzania.

"We constructed 2,000 kms of distribution lines and 26 substations and this infrastructure is providing new power to people all over the country.

The CEO explained that already the completed project has had a massive positive effect, along with other TANESCO and Rural Electrification Agency (REA) investments.

"But from everything we see now, the Ministry of Energy, TANESCO and REA are moving rapidly to a point where regular power rationing will soon be a thing of the past.

Symbion and other US power companies are seeking to invest large amounts in Tanzania.