SustainX has received its third patent, US Patent No 7,874,155 that expands the patent portfolio for the company’s isothermal compressed-air energy storage technology.

The company said that the patent protects the core elements of the company’s heat-transfer technology.

The new patent covers the use of a liquid spray injected into air continuously during compression or expansion and solidifies SustainX’s position as a leader in the field of compressed-air energy storage.

This patent, in combination with other elements of SustainX’s patented technology, has enabled the company to increase the round-trip efficiency and reduce the cost of compressed air storage to levels never before achieved.

SustainX uses electricity to drive pistons that compress air for storing energy.

The basis of the new patent, and a key element of SustainX’s energy storage process, is the use of a water spray to keep the air at a constant temperature and during compression, the sprayed water absorbs heat from the air.

The company further stated that keeping the air at a constant temperature during compression, storage, and expansion yields a more efficient storage cycle.