Sustainable Power (SSTP) has now received a total of $300,000 from Farmers Sustainable Energy International (FSEINT) and is working to fulfill the initial terms of the agreement, which calls for two reactors and 10 SSTP biodiesel reactors to be shipped to a northern Illinois facility that FSEINT will provide for the joint venture.

Furthermore, upon start-up of the initial biogasoline reactor, the agreement provides that FSEINT will advance the remaining $1.7 million for further implementation of the agreement. FSEINT’s responsibility is securing the necessary feedstocks from its own relationships, procuring government grants and further promoting the business of the joint venture.

The joint venture has being established to leverage FSEINT farmers’ crops to obtain the maximum dollar per acre utilizing principal harvest products and recycled non-food grade spoilage, stover and residues as feedstock for SSTP’s conversion into a variety of green-based products. In order to maximize the various feed stocks, FSEINT will provide SSTP with both land and facilities for the production of cellulosic and non-cellulosic biofuels and biogasoline, green-based organic fertilizers and soil treatments.