The nuclear power plant located in Luzerne County has two units which together have a generating capacity of 2,500MW of electricity.

The company shut down unit 2 for the inspection of the turbine after it found cracks on turbine blades of unit 1 during a planned inspection.

PPL Susquehanna senior vice president and chief nuclear officer Timothy S Rausch said the company shut down Unit 2 to perform the inspection and to operate the plant safely.

"While the unit was shut down, we installed additional diagnostic equipment on the turbine that, along with the engineering analysis already conducted, will be used to validate the suspected causes currently under review," Rausch said.

The workers, during the inspection outage of the unit 2, did not find any cracks or issues with the blades.

The nuclear plant is operated by PPL Susquehanna and is co-owned by PPL Susquehanna and Allegheny Electric Cooperative.