Wind turbine

The survey was carried out on 2,000 UK residents, from a variety of locations with contrasting incomes and political allegiances.

About half of respondents said they would welcome an onshore wind farm if it is developed within five miles of their home.

The news agency reported that just 20% said they would welcome a coal powered energy station and 27% a nuclear power plant.

Fracking got the least support in the survey, with just 19% of respondents saying they would welcome the development in their area.

With respect to political preferences, wind enjoyed a range of support with 56% of Labour voters, 45% of Ukip supporters and 39% conservatives supporting the energy source.

The Guardian said only 32% of respondents said energy prices would influence their voting preferences in the next national elections, while 81% said they were concerned about increasing energy costs.

A further 52% are concerned about carbon emissions and 51% about possible power cuts.

Image: About half of respondents in the survey said they would welcome an onshore wind farm. Photo: Courtesy of chrisroll/